Bronze Cones & Bead Caps

Bronze Textured Tall C...
20mm diameter. 22mm tall.
BZC8776 $16.48$10.30
Bronze Textured Bead C...
 18mm diameter. 14mm tall.
BZC9612 $11.04$6.90
Bronze Smooth Bead Con...
 14mm diameter. 13mm tall.
BZCN0216 $7.84$4.90
Bronze Classic Cone
13mm diameter. 10mm tall.
BZC8485 $3.84$2.40
Bronze Dotted Cone
BZC9569 $17.60$11.00
Bronze Textured Cone
 14mm diameter, 12mm tall.
BZCN0217 $7.52$4.70
Bronze Textured Cone /...
 14mm diameter, 20mm tall.
BZCN0287 $13.12$8.20
Bronze textured bead c...
 11mm diameter.
BZC9609 $4.80$3.00
Bronze Bead Cap
9.80mm tall. 10.60mm diameter .
BZBDN0221 $3.68$2.30
Bronze Bead Cap
BZBLN0222 $4.16$2.60
Bronze Designer Bead C...
 9.5mm tall. 12mm diameter.
BZBLN0218 $3.36$2.10
Bronze Bead Cap
12mm tall. 10.7mm diameter.
BZBLN0225 $4.32$2.70
Bronze Bead Cap
 11.5x14mm approx.
BZBDN0320 $6.88$4.30
Bronze End Cap
13 x 6mm. Inside diameter is 3.2mm 
BZCN0193 $2.24$1.40
Bronze Textured End Ca...
 7 x 13mm. inside diameter is 3.2mm
BZCN0194 $2.24$1.40
Bronze Oval Shaped Con...
 20mm tall 13x9mm base.
BZBL9615 $8.00$5.00
Bronze Bead Cone
BZBL8486 $4.96$3.10
Bronze Oval Cap
 19mm tall. 13x9mm base.
BZBL9215 $8.80$5.50
Bronze Bead Cap
BZBL9607 $7.68$4.80
Bronze Triangular Cone
 30mm from base to top. 32mm side.
BZBL9652 $36.80$23.00
Bronze Textured Bead C...
 13mm wide. 10mm tall.
BZBL9608 $4.64$2.90
Bronze Contemporary St...
Base measures 12x15mm 17mm tall. 
BZBL9213 $7.60$4.75
Bronze Twirl Cone
BZBL8792 $8.16$5.10
Bronze Cone
BZBL8465 $9.60$6.00
Bronze Bead Cone
BZBL8775 $18.56$11.60
Bronze Oval Shaped Bea...
BZBL8459 $15.20$9.50
Bronze Textured Cone
BZBL9651 $31.20$19.50
Bronze Bale
13x9mm approx. 
BZBL9611 $5.76$3.60
Bronze Bale
14x19mm approx. 
BZBL8938 $12.32$7.70
Double Bell Bead Cap
bzbl9977 $11.84$7.40
Flat Top Bell Shape Be...
17mm wide, 13mm long
bzbl9976 $11.20$7.00
Free Form Texture Cone
 Hand cast free from design 29mm long, 14mm wide at the base. Opening at the top is 2mm, base opening is 9mm diame…
BZBL9614 $13.20$8.25
Textured Cone
BZBL8938 $10.08$6.30

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