One of a Kind Items

Azurite Clasp
43mm x 35mm
msc007 $1500.00$750.00
Azurite Clasp
27mm x 25mm
msc018 $600.00$300.00
Azurite Clasp with Inl...
46mm x 31mm
msc016 $1500.00$750.00
Butterfly Inlay Clasp
80mm wide x 70mm tall
msc009 $3600.00$1800.00
Carnelian Clasp
24mm x 18mm
msc021 $600.00$300.00
Gaspeite and Turquoise...
47mm x 47mm
msc001 $2700.00$1350.00
Inlay Clasp
46mm x 33mm
msc012 $1500.00$750.00
Inlay Clasp
43mm tall x 30mm wide
msc026 $900.00$450.00
Inlay Clasp with Azuri...
50mm tall x 44mm wide
msc005 $2100.00$1050.00
Labradorite Clasp
41mm x 32mm
msc023 $750.00$375.00
Lapis Clasp
23mm x 19mm
msc019 $600.00$300.00
Rhodocrosite Clasp
61mm x 40mm
msc029 $3300.00$1650.00
Rhodonite Clasp
42mm tall x 22mm wide
msc025 $750.00$375.00
Rhodonite Inlay Clasp
45mm x 38mm
msc015 $1950.00$975.00
Serpentine Clasp
Serpentine Clasp with Inlay 45mm x 37mm
msc024 $900.00$450.00
Smokey Quartz Clasp
25mm x 20mm
msc022 $600.00$300.00
Turquoise Clasp Pendan...
57mm x 46mm (Without bale)
msc010 $3600.00$1800.00
Turquoise Clasp with I...
50mm x 40mm
msc002 $1950.00$975.00
Turquoise inlay Clasp
48mm x 34mm
msc004 $1800.00$900.00
Turquoise with Inlay
53mm x 44mm
msc013 $1200.00$600.00

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