Inlay Pendants

Blue Topaz Cross
Synthetic Opal, Sleebing Beauty Turquoise, Blue Topaz. 40_24mm. 6mm thick.
pend021a $225.00$112.00
Blue Topaz Cross
Lapis, Synthetic Opal, Blue Topaz. 40_24mm. 6mm thick.
pend022a $225.00$112.00
Burgundy Garnet Cross
Synthetic Opal, Black Onyx, Garnet. 40_24mm. 6mm thick.
pend024a $225.00$112.00
Citrine Cross
Spiny Oyster, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Citrine. 40_24mm. 6mm thick.
pend023a $225.00$112.00
Garnet Cross
Mother of Pearl, Synthetic Opal, Garnet. 40_24mm. 6mm thick.
pend025a $225.00$112.00
Peridot Cross
Synthetic Oapl, Variscite, Peridot.40_24mm. 6mm thick.
pend026a $225.00$112.00
Pink Mussel Shell Pend...
Sterling Silver pendant with inlaid Pink Mussel Shell 52mm tall by 34mm wide.
IPN-003 $60.00$45.00

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