Bronze Beads

Each piece is created under the watchful eye of three generations of jewelry makers from a bronze recipe that is carefully guarded and known only to them. Bronze is particularly useful in jewelry design because of its warmth, strength, and its ability to transform subtly over time.

Utilizing ancient methods of casting bronze, The Charveaux family has updated the process using modern technology to create the highest quality available. Our custom components are formulated and finished so that as they age, they develop their own character. They can be found in shades of green, blue, red and even a burnished-gold color.

Bronze Free Form Cube
 9x10mm approx.
BZBDN0362 $7.36$4.60
Bronze Dotted Cube Bea...
5x5mm approx.
BZBD9866b $1.60$1.00
Bronze Textured Tube
BZBD9463 $7.52$4.70
Bronze Twist Bead
12.8mm tall. 7mm outer diameter.
BZBD9462 $4.48$2.80
Bronze Bead
15mm diameter approx. 
BZBD9692B $3.20$2.00
Bronze Free Form Bead
9x9mm approx. 
BZBD9914 $4.32$2.70
Bronze Bead
BZBDN0147 $2.56$1.60
Bronze textured tube
BZBD9454 $8.00$5.00
13mm Bronze Hollow Cub...
13mm side.
BZBDN0266 $7.68$4.80
Bronze Shard with Patt...
BZBD9745 $6.56$4.10
Bronze Bead
14.5mm average diameter 
BZBDN0263A $3.20$2.00
Bronze donut shaped be...
17.6mm diameter. 3.47mm thick.
BZBD9921 $8.96$5.60
Bronze Bead
BZBDN0067 $2.56$1.60
Bronze Bead
 20x55mm average size
BZBD9911 $3.68$2.30
Bronze Bead
11.8mm diameter approx. 
BZBD9691A $2.56$1.60
Bronze Volcanic Textur...
BZBDN0256 $14.72$9.20
Bronze bead
 13mm diameter. 5.6mm thick.
BZBDN0252 $5.44$3.40
Bronze free form bead
BZBDN0289 $11.52$7.20
Bronze Triple Spacer
BZBD9660 $5.92$3.70
Bronze Skull Bead
BZBDN0198 $3.68$2.30
Bronze textured bead
16.6mm outer diameter 11.7 inner diameter
BZBDN0311 $4.80$3.00
Bronze Textured Bead
BZBDN0327 $4.80$3.00
Bronze Spacer
18.6mm diameter. 11.4mm deep. 
BZBDN0174 $11.84$7.40
Bronze Textured Square...
BZBDN0210 $7.36$4.60
Bronze Dotted Round Be...
10.5mm diameter.
BZBDN0206 $6.40$4.00
Bronze Bead
18mm diameter. 
BZBDN0285 $5.76$3.60
Bronze Triple Spacer
15.5mm long 15mm wide. 
BZBDN0204 $6.56$4.10
Bronze Bead
BZBDN0254 $4.16$2.60
Bronze Tube with Patte...
16mm long, 10.45mm diameter.
BZBDN0270 $11.04$6.90
Bronze Skull Bead
BZBDN0170 $3.84$2.40
Bronze Bead
BZBDN0205 $5.28$3.30
Bronze Designer Cube B...
BZBDN0207 $9.60$6.00
Bronze Free Form Bead
BZBDN0288 $14.40$9.00
Bronze Bead
BZBDN0302b $2.24$1.40
Bronze Bead
BZBDN0304 $2.08$1.30
Bronze Wavy Bead
15x17mm approx.
BZBDN0258 $7.20$4.50

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