Bronze Pendants

Each piece is created under the watchful eye of three generations of jewelry makers from a bronze recipe that is carefully guarded and known only to them. Bronze is particularly useful in jewelry design because of its warmth, strength, and its ability to transform subtly over time.

Utilizing ancient methods of casting bronze, The Charveaux family has updated the process using modern technology to create the highest quality available. Our custom components are formulated and finished so that as they age, they develop their own character. They can be found in shades of green, blue, red and even a burnished-gold color.

Bronze Angel Pendant
 Measurements: Approx. 30mm x 30mm and 11.6 grams in weight
BZPN0653 $18.60$11.60
Bronze Key Pendant
 Measurements: Approx. 75mm x 32mm and 24 grams in weight
BZN0173 $38.40$24.00
"I Love You" Bronze He...
  Measurements: Approx. 32mm x 29mm and 11 grams in weight…
BZN0525 $17.60$11.00
Bronze pirate ship cha...
 Detailed and dimensional, this charm meausres 1 inch by 1 inch.
BZP76 $8.00$5.00
Bronze Cameo Lady Pend...
9360 $42.25$26.40
Flower Pendant
N0605 $12.80$8.00
N0650 $18.50$11.50
Elephant Pendant
N0625 $10.50$6.50
Ancient looking Bronze...
 24 inch solid bronze chain with gift pouch included.
BRP-002 $250.00$125.00
Bronze Boot Charm Pend...
8188 $5.76$3.60
Bronze Free form Wishb...
32mm long.
N0503 $8.32$5.20
Bronze Free Form Wishb...
28mm tall
N0504 $6.40$4.00
Bronze Cactus Charm
8157 $3.50$3.00
Bronze "You'll get...
N0514 $29.60$18.50
Bronze Fleur de Lis Do...
  42x23mm 3mm thick
N0496 $17.60$11.00
Bronze Cross Dog Tag
 42x23mm 2.5mm thick
N0497 $15.84$9.90
Bronze Drilled Skull P...
14mm x 17mm x 20mm long  
9648 $15.00$10.50
Bronze Star of David P...
28mm tall. 20mm wide. 4mm thick.
BZPNtemp003 $9.28$5.80
Bronze Heart Pendant w...
 22x22mm. 2.5mm thick.
BZPNtemp001 $6.88$4.30
Bronze Anchor and Rope...
 27x19mm approx.
BZPN0481 $5.28$3.30
Bronze Flat Anchor Pen...
BZPN0480 $2.88$1.80
Bronze Cross
BZP8708 $9.44$5.90
Bronze Key Pendant
58mm long.
BZPN0458 $19.20$12.00
Bronze Westminster Ins...
BZPN457 $14.40$9.00
Bronze Heart Pendant
BZPN0427 $8.00$5.00
Bronze Inset Heart Pen...
BZPN0426 $28.80$18.00
Om Pendant
18.5mm diameter. 3mm thick. 
BZPN0399 $8.32$5.20
Bronze Hand Made Heart...
33x31mm approx. Hand made texture with "Jesus loves me" message on one side. 
BZPN0405 $15.20$9.50
Bronze Small Cross Pen...
19x15mm approx.
BZPN0416 $4.48$3.00
Bronze Skull and Bones...
13x12mm small charm
BZPN0424 $3.50$3.00
Bronze Skull Pendant
40x54mm (wth bail) approx.
BZP9650 $44.80$28.00
Bronze Pendant
BZPN0250 $7.04$4.40
Bronze Fish and Cross ...
56x11mm (with bail)
BZP9265 $8.00$5.00
Bronze Lady Sculpture ...
 49mm tall (with bail)
BZP8396 $12.80$8.00
Bronze Hamsa / Peace P...
BZPN0339 $13.28$8.30
Bronze Owl Pendant
40x30mm frame. 10mm thick.
BZPN0338 $36.80$23.00

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