Bronze Crosses

Each piece is created under the watchful eye of three generations of jewelry makers from a bronze recipe that is carefully guarded and known only to them. Bronze is particularly useful in jewelry design because of its warmth, strength, and its ability to transform subtly over time.

Utilizing ancient methods of casting bronze, The Charveaux family has updated the process using modern technology to create the highest quality available. Our custom components are formulated and finished so that as they age, they develop their own character. They can be found in shades of green, blue, red and even a burnished-gold color.

Bronze Cross Prndant
Ethiopian4 $31.00$20.00
Bronze Cross Pendant
Ethiopian2 $16.50$10.50
Bronze Cross Pendant
Ethiopian3 $19.00$12.00
Bronze Cross Pendant
Ethiopian1 $26.50$17.00
Bronze Cross Pendant
N0540 $9.92$6.20
Bronze "Grace" Cross L...
N0532 $16.00$10.00
Bronze Cross Link
Coin 22mm diameter. Rings 6mm diameter.
N0518 $14.88$9.30
Bronze "Peace" Cross P...
9981 $10.80$6.50
Bronze Cross Pendant w...
N0527 $18.56$11.60
Bronze Inset Cross Pen...
 28mm wide. 53mm tall. Slightly arched.
N0526 $16.48$10.30
Bronze Cross with Flor...
 44x22mm. Slightly arched.
N0528 $12.00$9.00
Bronze "God Grant Me S...
N0531 $31.20$19.50
Bronze Cross Pendant
0491 $5.60$3.50
Bronze Dual Roman Cros...
 47x29mm. 3mm thick approx.
BZPN0428 $14.40$9.00
Bronze Cross
BZPN0383 $10.72$6.70
Bronze Cross
BZP8707 $9.44$5.90
Bronze Cross
43x29mm approx.
BZP8708 $12.48$7.80
Bronze Cross
BZPN0382 $10.40$6.50
Bronze Cross Link
36x21mm approx.
BZPN0349 $19.20$12.00
Bronze Textured Cross
BZPN0340 $23.84$14.90
Bronze Cross & Shield ...
 28x40mm approx.
BZPN0337 $18.72$11.70
Bronze twist cross Lin...
BZPN0347 $9.60$6.00
Bronze Cross Link - sl...
BZPN0345 $19.20$12.00
Bronze solid cross lin...
46x17mm approx.
BZPN0348 $8.00$5.00
Bronze Cross Link
BZPN0344 $19.20$12.00
Bronze Faith Cross
BZPN0248 $9.60$6.00
Bronze Roman Shield & ...
40x29mm (without bale) w0002
BZPN0319 $25.92$16.20
Bronze Free form textu...
BZP9277 $75.20$47.00
Bronze Designer Cross
BZPN0323 $27.20$17.00
Bronze Cross with Gree...
 20x25mm approx.  …
9939bz-cross002 $48.00$30.00
Bronze Rounded Edges C...
BZP9036 $26.40$16.60
Bronze Sailors Nautica...
BZP8250 $11.20$7.00
Bronze Medieval Style ...
BZP7942 $68.80$43.00
Bronze 3 Tier Greek Or...
BZP9738 $40.00$25.00
Bronze Wood Poles Styl...
BZP7596 $20.48$12.80
Bronze Very Large Medi...
BZP7875 $68.80$43.00

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