Bronze Coins

Each piece is created under the watchful eye of three generations of jewelry makers from a bronze recipe that is carefully guarded and known only to them. Bronze is particularly useful in jewelry design because of its warmth, strength, and its ability to transform subtly over time.

Utilizing ancient methods of casting bronze, The Charveaux family has updated the process using modern technology to create the highest quality available. Our custom components are formulated and finished so that as they age, they develop their own character. They can be found in shades of green, blue, red and even a burnished-gold color.

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21mm diameter.
N0520 $6.40$4.00
Amphipolis - Tetradrac...
23mm average diameter reproduction Reproduction bronze coin of an Ancient Tetradrachm Greek coin with the picture …
BZRC9524 $12.80$8.00
Reproduction Coin
15mm diameter. 
BZRCN0187 $3.50$3.00
Reproduction Coin
20mm diameter 
BZRCN0182 $5.76$3.60
Athena/Winged Victory ...
 20mm diameter.
BZRCN0190 $8.96$5.60
Ancient Coin (Reproduc...
 28mm Avg diameter.
BZRCN081 $15.20$9.50
Reproduction Coin
24mm diameter. 
BZRCN0178 $12.64$7.90
Bronze Coin  (Reproduc...
 16mm diameter approx.
BZRC9600 $4.64$2.90
Bronze Coin  (Reproduc...
 24x26mm approx.
BZRC9596 $15.04$9.40
Arabic Coin w/double b...
24mm dia. Bronze double bail coin
BZRC7692 $15.60$9.75
Bronze Spanish "Shield...
36mm average diameter
BZRC9535 $30.40$19.00
Constantinople "Jesus ...
25mm averaage diameter
BZRC9530 $13.60$8.50
Greek "Alexander the G...
24mm average diameter
BZRC9887 $24.00$15.00
Greek "Apollo - Lyre" ...
22mm average diameter
BZRC009 $11.20$7.00
Greek "Head of Perseph...
32mm average diameter
BZRC006 $28.00$17.50
Greek "Lion Head - Cha...
25mm averaage diameter
BZRC3671 $10.40$6.50
Greek "Little Owl of A...
4mm thick x 20mm diameter
BZRC008 $11.20$7.00
Greek "Melkart-Herakle...
2.5mm thick x 25mm diameter
BZRC010 $9.60$6.00
Greek "Tetradracm" coi...
3mm thick x 32mm diameter
BZRC007 $20.00$12.50
Greek "Two Heads" coin...
4mm thick x 24mm diameter
BZRC020 $19.20$12.00
Greek "Wheat- Head" co...
25mm averaage diameter
BZRC011 $9.60$6.00
Greek Zeus & Eagle Coi...
34mm diameter
BZRC9532 $51.20$32.00
Replica Spanish Cob  E...
2mm thick x 27mm diameter
BZRC004 $14.40$9.00
Roman "Female Deity wi...
3mm thick x 25mm diameter
BZRC021 $15.20$9.50
Roman "Sestertius" coi...
3.5mm thick x 29mm avg diameter
BZRC022 $33.60$21.00
Spanish "Cut Down Cob"...
21mm average diameter
BZRC9889 $8.16$5.10
Spanish "Low Grade Cob...
30mm average diameter
BZRC013 $15.04$9.40
Spanish/Peruvian cob X...
2mm thick x 40mm diameter
BZRC9534 $25.60$16.00
Greek coin with bust/m...
32mm x 39mm w/ring
BZRC9523 $30.40$19.00
Greek coin with Owl "A...
22mm wide x 32mm long w/bail
BZRC002 $11.20$7.00

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